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Steps to Moving Up the Ladder of Success
By John Tschohl

Are you tired of being stuck on a low rung of your company’s corporate ladder? Are you looking for ways to move up in your career? I can help you do that.

 It all begins with a dream that you can turn into a solid, workable goal. It will take some work on your part, but anything worth achieving is worth working for.

The first step in turning your career dreams into reality is recognizing and addressing these four principles: beliefs, dedication, focus, and skills. They are spokes in the wheel that will drive you and your career to new heights.

You must believe in yourself. Take control of your thoughts to reinforce your journey to the next step in your career. There’s a saying that “if you believe it, you can achieve it.” It might sound trite, but it is so very true.

Use affirmations. They will help you develop a positive attitude and new beliefs. Those affirmations might include: “I can do it; just watch me, and I’ll prove it!” Or, “I am in control of my life; I can handle this.”

You must also be dedicated. Dedication is non-negotiable. This means making a commitment to doing whatever is necessary to move up. Conduct a self-assessment. Examine your skills, attitudes, and work ethic. What are your strengths? More importantly, what are your weaknesses? When you identify your weaknesses, you will be taking the first steps to developing a plan that will guide you to success.

You must be focused. Successful people set goals, and so must you. When you set goals, you are developing a road map for you and your career. Those goals must be specific, realistic, and measurable. Also include a timeline for each goal.

Write down those goals and reinforce them by looking at them every day.
Then share your goals with people you respect and trust—people who are more successful than you, because they will push you to do your best to accomplish them. Those people can also serve as informal mentors who can give you constructive feedback that align with your goals.

You must also have skills that will separate you from others and move you toward your goals. An important skill—no matter what business you’re in—is having a positive attitude. If you don’t have that, you won’t go far.

One of the most important steps you can take to move up the ladder of success is this: Read, read, read. Learning is the fundamental activity in a successful and purposeful life.

Read books that address personal development. Read about the successes of others. How did Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, two of the most successful people in business today, get to where they are? How did famous athletes Tiger Woods and LeBron James rise to the top of their chosen sports? Read about them and the struggles they overcame along the road to success and apply the lessons they’ve learn to your own life. If you fail to learn, you will fail to grow.

It’s also important that you recognize—and eliminate—roadblocks to moving up. Most of them are self-imposed limitations that will cripple you. Fear of failure is at the top of this list. If you aren’t willing to take chances, you won’t move up.

Success is a journey. Starting today, fearlessly take the first step toward becoming who you want to be.

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John Tschohl is the founder and president of the Service Quality Institute—the global leader in customer service—with operations in more than 40 countries. He is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on all aspects of customer service and success and has developed 18 customer service training programs, including Moving Up that are used by companies throughout the world. John became a millionaire by age 30. His monthly strategic newsletter is available online at no charge at He can also be reached on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.