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Customer Service "Starter Kit"

video_libraryOur powerful video-based training system improves the entire workforce of your company with group interaction, without the need to hire a trainer or facilitator.

It is the essential first step to an improved customer service culture within your company.


Companies Miss The Mark
Forrester reports that only 8% of customers are extremely satisfied with the service companies give them. There's a huge disconnect between companies self-perception, and the reality facing customers. 
Where Do You Stand?

Our Guarantee

GuaranteeOur customer service strategy is guaranteed. Train your workforce with our programs, and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the materials for a full refund. No time restrictions.

Customer Service Training Builds A Culture of Satisfying Customers

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Customer Service Is Essential To Running A Successful Business

Ignoring your customer service problems for years and then approaching them brand new will not solve them. You cannot just sit around and hope the next big thing will work magic. Not today, not ever, and especially if you have not been building a culture of customer service, one of your most important investments.

There is a direct connection between customer service, or lack thereof, and money made and lost. Do not lose money because you did not invest in customer service training and building a customer driven organization.

Service Quality Institute’s customer service training is guided by our proven methods. Our 5 Tenets of Customer Service will grow your business and permanently change the way your employees approach this important exchange.

3 Year Service Culture Plan

12 steps

Creating a strong customer service culture requires a commitment to progress. Implement lasting change with our 3-year plan of superior customer service training.

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Customer Service Starter Kit

You won’t need a trainer for your employees with our video-based training system, easy to use leader guide and participant material, the first step to an improved customer service culture within your company. The packaging and design are the best you will have ever seen.



We guarantee the effectiveness of our customer service strategy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our programs, return the materials for a full refund with no time restrictions. In 44 years we have had 2 returns worldwide.