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Service Quality Institute is represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Our channel partners allow us to provide the best, most customized material around the world. We have programs and books in over 11 languages. To contact a channel partner near you, simply select your region from the dropdown menu below.

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Communication is paramount to maintaining positive customer relationships, and no one understands that better than SQI. If you have questions, comments or you would like more information about any of SQI’s materials or services, call or email at any time. SQI will be happy to answer your inquiry in a timely manner and provide you with any additional information you may require.

Service Quality Institute takes pride in its role as a customer service guru expanding and strengthening customer relationships everywhere. If your client or customer relationships have stagnated, your customers have continuously expressed frustration, or you have found conflicts within your customer relationships that have not been resolved, SQI has an organized, strategic solution to assist you. Through hands-on events, easy-to-follow instructional materials, webinars and other programs, team members at every level will be able to develop dynamic problem-solving skills and customer relationships that are rewarding for everyone involved.

For more information on customer service training for your company or government program, contact SQI today. Call to speak with an internal marketing director, send an email, or find a channel partner near you. SQI would love to hear from you and help you create a service culture.

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