"Ever since we hired your company, the client retention has increased tremendously and i am receiving very positive feedback from our clients."

- Jose R. Mariategui, President, JLT Peru

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Empowerment Is A Way Of Life


Empowerment changes the way your employees treat their jobs, their customers, and each other. Start to build your service culture with this training program. Perfect for new and seasoned personel alike. 


3 Year Service Culture Plan

3 year plan

This chart shows Service Quality Institute’s 3-year customer service culture plan. Built to help your company implement a superior culture, it is tailored to your needs and environment. New customer service programs should be kicked off every four to six months, while there should be a 12 month period between BAD and GOOD Idea Campaigns.

Is money a concern? Start with our low risk and inexpensive BAD cost reduction campaign and use some of the savings to fund the entire three-year plan.

Creating a Service Culture by John Tschohl (In-Depth)

Creating a Service Culture by John Tschohl (Brief)

Additionally, we have a more expansive service culture plan that starts at $217/year per person for companies of 50-99 employees and goes down to $38/year per person for companies counting 10,000 or more employees.

Click to view the Service Culture Proposal

This plan includes unlimited use of our training programs, all Train the Trainer sessions and a free John Tschohl Strategic Customer Service Seminar when 2,500 or more individuals sign up. Tschohl’s books, including Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service and Empowerment: A Way of Life, and customization and shipping fees are not included. There is no charge for employee turnover.

 It is like a buffet. You can use any of our programs as much as you want, as fast as you want and in any order. Find out more at our store. visit the store

Service Culture Client Testimonials

Ethiopian Airlines Logo  Media Release

Dear John

Greetings from the Ethiopian Aviation Academy.  The news is great milestone for ET and SQI.

Thank you for the great support which goes beyond the duty of call!

Hope the partnership will continue and flourish in the future too…


-Samuel Assefa Zewde
Managing Director Ethiopian Aviation Academy
Ethiopian Airlines

Dear John and Murtaza;


I am very happy to learn that  ET has been chosen  for SQI  “Worldwide Leader in Customer Service”  award. It is indeed  exciting/encouraging.

Dear Ato Tewolde; Congratulations. Congratulations to us all.

With best regards;

-Solomon Debebe (Mr.)
Country General Manager, South Korea
Ethiopian Airlines

We are very much pleased to receive this Award Mr. John Tschohl!

Have a great day!


-Tadesse Tilahun Tadesse A/VP Customer Services 
Ethiopian Airlines, Headquarters, Bole International Airport

ASO Logo

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Media Release
Client Feedback (Video)

PPF Media Release
Client Feedback (Video)