Good Customer Service Makes Money, Says Forrester

Customer service will help you growAccording to a 2012 report by Echo Research, “two thirds of consumers state that they are willing to spend more with a company they believe provides excellent customer service.” Conversely, the report states, “over half of consumers have intended to conduct a business transaction or make a purchase, but decided not to based on a poor service experience.” The simple truth is that customer service affects the bottom line and business managers can no longer afford to ignore the roll of the customer experience.

The Power of Encouraging Customer Complaints

Encourage ComplaintsGood customer service encourages complaints. Research shows that complaining customers are overwhelmingly loyal and sincere. They are complaining to you because they care about your business and about the service they receive. They intend on doing business with you again in the future, and they want you to set things right.  The final result should be loyal customers who freely proclaim: ‘Wow! We got more than we expected.

Investing in Service Leaders: Do They Out-Perform The Market?

Discover the growth potential of your business by investing in customer service leaders. See the results of customer-driven companies.

How Do You Impact Your Employees' Productivity?

Employee ProductivityHow would your employees rate you as a boss? Are you responsible for poor-performing employees? Are you costing your company money because your employees leave? It might be time to take a good, hard look at how you manage—and treat—your people.

Customer Service Myths: The Real Story Behind Superior Service

The customer service experience is more than just the interactions with the employees. Customer service is quality products, convenience, timely responses and much more.


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The Foundation of Customer Service
Every one of these tenets is an essential part of high quality customer service. Can your company afford to lose business by missing even one of these basic traits? what's your return on service?


Bad customer service loses money.
Find out how much money your company has lost due to its poor customer service practices with our "Return On Service" calculator.  what's your return on service?