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Vail Like Nothing on Earth is Losing its Brand
MARCH 2022

I have been skiing in Vail Colorado for about 45 years now. George Gillett Jr. bought Vail Resorts in 1985 and sold the resort in 1996. The first time I met George I asked him what he does, He said, "I am in customer service." Later I found out he was the owner. He built a customer-driven ski resort. He even has an endorsement in my book Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service.

In 2006 Vail Resorts moved their headquarters for their flagship resort in Vail to Broomfield, Colorado in the Denver area. My friend Manny Steil the guru of Listening said this is when they started to lose their focus on customer service. They moved away from the ski mountain.

Learn more about why Vail's brand is declining.

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Certification Seminar in Minneapolis April 25-28, 2022 Live and Virtual

Our next Certification seminar is April 25-28, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will be both live and virtual using Zoom. If you want to be certified and learn how to facilitate Feelings, our Flagship program and Leading Empowered Teams this a powerful way for you to advance your credentials and career and be able to buy participant material for these 2 programs at an 85% discount off your seminar prices.

There is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota and almost everything in Minnesota is less expensive than in other parts of the US and world. Bring an empty suitcase to handle all the great buys while in Minnesota.

If you need a visa invitation please send John Tschohl an email, John@servicequality.com with your name, contact information, passport number with an expiration date, and your birth date. U.S Embassies are super slow and provide awful customer service. If you need a visa I suggest you request a visa invitation letter now and apply now. . This gives you 1 1/2 months. The U.S Embassies live in the stone age and are using COVID as an excuse to provide slower service. 

Register or find additional information here.

Are You Passionate About Customer Service?

We are looking for organizations that are passionate about customer service and want to build market share and market dominance by creating a service culture with management and the total workforce. We want organizations serious about being a leader in their industry.

Service Quality Institute has the technology and strategy to help you implement our proven process for creating a service culture. It’s all about a long-term strategy and flawless execution by every employee and the leadership team.

Almost all your competitors believe they already deliver superior customer service while their customers would totally disagree. This is a strategy that is almost impossible to copy and gives you a 10-20 year lead time over your competition.

The investment is inexpensive per person, but it has to be a lifetime commitment. You must be Relentless.

Our focus is on changing the behavior and attitudes of your entire workforce and developing a leadership team focused on crushing your competition with a service strategy.

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

If you want to have your entire leadership team to have passion and commitment to the Service Strategy I encourage you to book me for a keynote or 1-2 day seminar. This means owning and dominating the market. I share with clients the Proven Process for Driving a Service Culture.

Every presentation is customized. I can do keynotes for 20-60 minutes or full day or 2-3 days seminars. On March 2-3 I did a two-half-day seminar in Latin America on Zoom. In April I have 3 Zoom seminars in Moscow. Not sure how the war with Ukraine will impact these seminars. On May 6 I am doing an open seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

My 8 books can be used to reinforce the message I deliver. Most of my books are also in Spanish and Russian. Virtually no speakers have the depth of products to reinforce the service strategy message after they deliver their keynote. If you want to use me for a keynote or 1-2 day seminar in 2022 or 2023 contact:

Marina Lukyantseva
, VP Russia 
Whats App 1-408-637-8730

Carmen Velasco, VP Latin America & North America
Whats App 1-619-862-7694

John Tschohl

Cell/Whats App 1-612-382-5636

Channel Partners Needed in 2022 Across the World

SQI is expanding all over the world. We are looking for individuals and firms that are passionate about customer service and want to offer my seminars and products to their clients. A small investment for inventory is needed. SQI offers financing with no interest. Click here for more details.

Reach out to Carmen Velasco for Latin America and North America. For Russia and CIS contact Marina Lukyantseva.

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