SQI July 2021 Newsletter

Reducing Employee Turnover and Motivating Employees for Excellence
JULY 2021 

Employees are driven by recognition. They want to feel valued, loved and appreciated. The less they are paid the more important they receive this recognition. The first program I developed was in 1977 called Better Than Money. Today we have a program called Coaching for Success that is implemented in a one-day seminar.

Front line employees are typically not valued or appreciated. The attitude is I don't pay them much, they are lucky to have a job and they need me more than I need them. We all work for money but the real energy and commitment comes from the inner motivation that gets turned on when we feel valued. Recognition works.

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John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

Most people with COVID have lost their focus on why and how to deliver great service.  In January 1980 is when I released Feelings the first customer service program ever created. I think customer service is worse today than 41 years ago.

Very few executives understand the power of the service strategy. Feel want to dominate and own the market like the Mayo Clinic, Amazon, Chewy.com, Apple, Wilderness Safari or Northeast Delta Dental. Former customer service leaders like Vail Resorts and Schwab have lost their focus. Even one of my local banks I used changed it hours so it closes at 3 PM.

If you want to get everyone customer driven feel free to use me for a keynote or 1-2 day seminar. Visit www.JohnTschohl.com  I am available live in person or Zoom for keynote presentations anywhere in the world.  

If you want to look at dates for 2021 or 2022 contact:

Marina Lukyantseva
, VP Russia 

Whats App 1-408-637-8730

Carmen Velasco, VP Latin American
Whats App 1-619-862-7694

John Tschohl

Cell/Whats App 1-612-382-5636

Train everyone in your Company for only $199 a month for 10 months - Free Shipping Worldwide

Many organizations do not realize how inexpensive it is to train your entire workforce with SQI programs. The Service First Video Library has 12 videos of about 15 minutes each on 12 different topics. Available in English and Spanish on the same flash drive or DVD's

You can have a one-hour training session each week or each month. The Powerpoint presentation, leader guide, discussion guides, answer sheets and Certificates are downloaded off the Internet, CD or flash drive so there are NO recurring charges. 

To create The Service First Video Library we took vignettes, video, and content from ALL the programs we have. It is very generic.

Here is the link to The Service First Video Library. You can download the brochures in English and Spanish. All details and pricing are here. You can view a video overview and parts of the leader guide, PowerPoint presentation, discussion guide, answer sheet, and certificate. Train your entire workforce and if you're unhappy with the results return the Service First Video Library for a complete refund. If you want to make just one payment will discount the price to $1,697. Free shipping worldwide.

Feelings for Professionals now in German

Roger Schmid the Owner of the Black Elephant and our licensee for the German marketplace has Feelings for Professionals available now in German

Roger's contact information in Switzerland is:

Mobile: +41 79 456 4579

Email: roger.schmid@theblackelephant.ch  

Web: Kundenzentrierung & Kundenbegeisterung - The Black Elephant

Online Learning

SQI has 12 online learning programs you can use. If you have individuals that need tailored learning you have a variety of programs to choose from. They are affordable starting at $97 and drop in price for volume. Each course allows a free preview.

You can also use this for our free Diploma Program.

Certification Seminar in Minneapolis November 8-11 Live and Virtual

Our next Certification seminar is November 8-11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will be live and virtual using Zoom. If you want to be certified and learn how to facilitate Feelings, our Flagship program and Leading Empowered Teams this a powerful way for you to advance your credentials and career and be able to buy participant material for these 2 programs at an 85% discount off your seminar prices.

We are using the Crown Plaza Hotel next to the Mall of America, the largest mall in the US. There is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota and almost everything in Minnesota is less expensive than in other parts of the US and world. Rates are discounted to $100 night single or double. Breakfast included. Bring an empty suitcase to handle all the great buys while in Minnesota.

Register or find additional information here.

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