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The Service Strategy
JUNE 2021 

I have been following service leaders for over 30 years. Too many firms spend a fortune on advertising trying to attract customers like Schwab that have awful service. Every few weeks they run a full-page ad in the Wall St. Journal that probably costs about $50,000 for each issue. They should spend the money training the employees on customer service and eliminating stupid rules and policies.

Annual reports are written by skilled writers who can take any numbers and make them dance. For this June newsletter, I am looking at 5 companies that in May 2003 (18 years ago) I identified as service leaders. I read their annual reports each year and get all their financial statements as released. I bought $1000 worth of stock in each one with all the dividend money reinvested. I wanted to follow the money trail and see real results. The $9,000 is now worth $152,052.

I talk a lot about strategy and being relentless. Too many firms are not relentless. My research over the last 40 years has shown me a firm can dramatically increase its value ( 100% – 1000%) if it creates and maintains an awesome customer experience.  You must be Relentless which is the title of my new book. What I realized is most firms are not relentless.  The first step in driving a service culture and process is strategy. The second is leadership and the third is to train all employees.

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Proven Process for Creating a Service Culture

I have updated the Proven Process for Creating a Service Culture. This is the foundation of SQI and what I speak and write about. It has the 9 Principles of Creating a Service Culture and the Blueprint to Become a Customer Service "Rockstar." Share this brochure with your leadership team. WE have channel partners across the world who can help you.

Incredible Upbeat Video From Bulgaria Sense Hotel

On Linkedin, I received this video from the Sense Hotel in Sofia Bulgaria. I have watched the 4-minute video 5 times. I love the music and the upbeat video This is the Jerusalem a Dance Challenge.  A great way to market after the world has been shut down by COVID- 19

Elitza Velichkova is the General Manager. I want to stay at this hotel the next time to go to Sofia. Their website is Sense Hotel Sofia | Luxury and superb design

Here is the link.

New Licensee for Switzerland, Germany, Austria, with the German Language

We have a new exclusive licensee   Exclusive in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, or German Language with an Option for French and Italian. Roger Schmid the Owner of the Black Elephant. Roger's contact information in Switzerland is:

Mobile: +41 79 456 4579

Email: roger.schmid@theblackelephant.ch  

Web: Kundenzentrierung & Kundenbegeisterung - The Black Elephant

Roger has almost completed the translation for Feelings for Professionals. This is our first licensee for the heart of Europe the German-speaking population. He has an option for French and Italian. In Central Europe, we now have a licensee in Greece Spiros Trivolis, Managing Director of STA Ltd. strivolis@sta.com.gr Mobile +30 694 427 6555 and Bulgaria Georgi Gunchev, CEO of Service Quality Institute Bulgaria. Georgie@servicequality.com Mobile + 359 888 749099

If you want our programs in German, Greek or Bulgarian please contact our licensees above.

Certification Seminar in Minneapolis October 18-21 Live and Virtual

Our next Certification seminar is October 18-21 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (my daughter-in-law is delivering a baby girl around September 23, so I had to move the seminar to October). It will be live and virtual using Zoom. If you want to be certified and learn how to facilitate Feelings, our Flagship program and Leading Empowered Teams this a powerful way for you to advance your credentials and career and be able to buy participant material for these 2 programs at an 85% discount off your seminar prices.

We are using the Crown Plaza Hotel next to the Mall of America, the largest mall in the US. There is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota and almost everything in Minnesota is less expensive than in other parts of the US and world. Rates are discounted to $100 night single or double.

Register or find additional information here.

John Tschohl Service Strategy Keynotes

Creating passion and commitment is critical to developing a service culture. A keynote with John Tschohl is a great way to build buy-in and enthusiasm for an awesome customer experience and commitment to driving a Service Strategy. Each of my presentations are customized. 

If you have an annual or special event where I can do a keynote please let me know. With Zoom, participants can be at their home or office with NO travel expenses occurred. The seminar can be any length you want. 

I speak on Service Strategy. How do you create a service culture? Management must buy into the strategy and live it every day. I am offering my US pricing for Zoom seminars and with the savings on travel, you can easily save 50% off my normal seminars live. Visit my speaking site www.JohnTschohl.com

If you want to look at dates for 2021 or 2022 contact:

Marina Lukyantseva
, VP Russia 

Whats App 1-408-637-8730

Carmen Velasco, VP Latin American
Whats App 1-619-862-7694

John Tschohl

Cell/Whats App 1-612-382-5636

Media Releases

Each month I release a new media release. You can visit our Media Releases - Service Quality Institute (customer-service.com)

Feel free to share the media release or use it. We only request we receive credit and a link to the publication it is in. We then also add to our website and social media platforms. If you want to be added to the media mailings please email quality@servicequality.com.

Fathers Day Gifts June 20

If you are looking for a Fathers Day gift that can make an impact my customer service books would be awesome gifts. Books - Service Quality Institute (customer-service.com)   All autographed You can also download any book for $9.99.  All books are also available on Amazon.

Relentless my new book

Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service on Strategy

Moving Up How to become Indispensable and Extraordinary 

Loyal for Life on service recovery

Empowerment: A Way of life

In the US I can inscribe a message to your father. Just give me a name. The books can be sent via US Mail using Media Mail. It will take 5-7 days.

If you order 3 books we will give you the most expensive one free.  I am not sure how to set this up on our website so you might want to email me John@servicequality.com  with your request and the name you want to inscribe in the books.

Online Learning

SQI has 12 online learning programs you can use. If you have individuals that need tailored learning you have a variety of programs to choose from.  They are affordable starting at $97 and drop in volume to $18 a person. Each course allows a free preview. You can also use this for our free Diploma Program.

Olga Ivanitckaia from St. Petersburg Russia is the first person to receive our Graduate of Customer Service and Master of Customer Service. This is an opportunity to advance your career for a fraction of the cost of an MBA or BA Diploma.

Coaching for Success is ideal for everyone in a management or supervisor role. 

How to Turn Irate Customers into Raving Fans can help you learn how to handle some of the most difficult situations you ever encounter.

Speed can help you shrink the time by 90% to help customers.

Remember Me teaches you why and how to remember the customer and use their name.

Exceptional Service helps you learn how to deliver exceptional service

Moving Up teaches you how to become extraordinary and indispensable.

The Service First Video Library has over 180 hours of video with 12 separate customer service topics.

Empowerment: A Way of Life Empowerment is the backbone of great service.

Loyal for Life  All about service recovery, Teaches you how to keep a customer in 60 seconds or less.

Feelings for Professionals is our flagship program. Ideal for those in banking, government, insurance, and office settings

Ultimate Customer Satisfaction is our other flagship program. Ideal for those in service retail environments 

Healthcare With Feelings is our flagship program customized for health care.

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