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The Magic of the Customer Experience
APRIL 2021 

There are so many elements that make up the customer experience. To some if is courtesy. To others it's speed.

To some it is knowing about your products and services

The obstacle many of us face is we think were awesome at customer service. We reinforce this with fake surveys which organizations spend a lot of money on. In the US virtually every company has to survey you with each transaction. Too often the survey does not reflect the concerns which you are most interested in. There is almost no chance a problem you need solved on the survey will be responded to. Too many organizations spend money in the wrong area.

When I released Feelings in January 1980, it was the world's first customer service training program. Feelings was based on six core principles which are just as relevant today. It has been upgraded over 20 times but the principles and values are still the same.

The Personal Success Plan can be viewed here in greater detail or to print and frame.

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Why Financially Customer Service Matters - Chewy.com

I like to follow service leaders. All my research shows the value of a real service leader grows with lightning speed. in 2017 Chewy.com was sold to PetsMart, Inc  for $3.3 billion. Chewy went public in 2019. It is now worth about $33 billion. Sales for the last quarter increased $2 billion. Sales are expected to reach $9 billion in 2021. Chewy.com added in the last year 5.7 million new customers and now has 19.2 million active customers.

They are open 24/7. Live people answer the phone in seconds. They have hundreds of employees that send out personalized birthday cards to the parents of their pets. A friend of mine said she uses Chewy.com because they love my pet as much as I do. I have them featured in my book Relentless. Very few firms understand the financial power of superior customer service and if they do most are not Relentless. 

John Tschohl Ranked #2 Customer Service Gurus

I have some very good news. In March I was ranked #2 in the world under Top 30 Global Customer Service Gurus.

You can find the page listing here

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

Developing a Customer-Centric Culture takes Relentless focus and work. My goal during the remainder of the year is to help organizations learn how to drive a culture wrapped around awesome customer service. I am available for live seminars using Zoom or whatever medium you prefer. While I am willing to jump on a plane to go anywhere in the US or the world, large events are limited.

I have received my 2nd Moderna vaccine on March 29. If you have an annual or special event where I can help please let me know. With Zoom,  participants can be at their home or office with NO travel expenses occurred. The seminar can be any length you want. Customer service over the last 12 months is the worst I have ever seen.  When business is hurting your customer experience has to be awesome. Not just good. 

I speak on service strategy. How do you create a service culture? Management must buy into the strategy and live it every day like Northeast Delta Dental in the March newsletter or Chewy.com. I am offering my US pricing for seminars and with the savings on travel, you can easily save 50% off my normal seminars live. Visit my speaking site www.JohnTschohl.com

If you want to look at dates for 2021 or 2022 contact:

Marina Lukyantseva
, VP Russia 
Whats App 1-408-637-8730

Carmen Velasco, VP Latin American
Whats App 1-619-862-7694

John Tschohl

Cell/Whats App 1-612-382-5636

Relentless Free Shipping in US

Relentless is a powerful book you share with your leadership team. It is hard hitting. A fast read. Learn why and how your organization should become Relentless.

Relentless can be purchased on our website. If for the US we will offer free shipping and each copy can be signed and inscribed. The hardcover book is $27.00 and the electronic version is $9.99. You can also order it now on Amazon.


Online Learning

Our 12 online learning courses are a great way to learn while your firm is prevented from classroom training. A person can learn at their own pace. 24/7 NO travel expenses. NO COVID-19 problems.

With our 12 online learning customer service programs, you and your employees can improve your customer service skills for only $97 per course with substantial discounts for volume. Visit here for courses to view. You can mix and match and can buy in volume and use the codes as you add new employees to achieve volume discounts. For each program, there is a free preview. Each graduate is also eligible for our Customer Service Diplomas.

Customer Service Certification Seminar Classroom & Zoom Moved to September 27-30, 2021

Our next Certification seminar we just moved  from May 24-27 to September 27-30, 2021 in Minneapolis and on Zoom.  Not enough vaccines are available and travel is still limited. By September we hope COVID-19 will be behind us. Registration is $2,097 and you receive over $1,800 in facilitator and participant materials. Here is the link.

This Certification seminar will advance your career and give you the training and facilitator materials to implement Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings in-house with an 85% discount off your seminar fees for additional participant material. Help your organization create a service culture and become Relentless.

Join us in person or using Zoom from anywhere in the world. Sessions start at 8:30 AM  Central time and finish at 4 PM each day May 24-27 Monday - Thursday. It will be recorded.

This Certification Seminar gives you 12 credits toward your Graduate of Customer Service or Master of Customer Service. 

See the brochure.

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