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A Relentless Model Starting 1995 -2020 Using a Service Guarantee
MARCH 2021 

I started working with Tom Raffio of Delta Dental in 1990 with the Guarantee of Service Excellence when Tom and Bob Hunter implemented it on April 1, 1990, at Delta Dental of Massachusetts. In 1995 when he became CEO of Northeast Delta Dental Tom again implemented the Service Guarantee

Tom is Relentless. Now focusing on the Guarantee of Service Excellence for 21 years. NO one in the world has copied him. NO ONE. Market Share in New Hampshire is 70%, 60% in Vermont and 50% in Maine. This is an insurance company selling dental insurance. Most insurance companies would give their right arm to have a market share like this.

Continue reading to learn about being relentless and making customer service your core principle. 

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Online Learning

Our 12 online learning courses are a great way to learn while your firm is prevented from classroom training. A person can learn at their own pace. 24/7 NO travel expenses. NO COVID-19 problems.

With our 12 online learning customer service programs, you and your employees can improve your customer service skills for only $97 per course with substantial discounts for volume. Visit here for courses to view. You can mix and match and can buy in volume and use the codes as you add new employees to achieve volume discounts. For each program, there is a free preview. Each graduate is also eligible for our Customer Service Diplomas.

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

I received my first COVID- 19 Moderna vaccine on March 1. My second one is March 28 so I will be free to travel around the world doing live seminars.

Most countries in the world art still shut down. I have been doing a lot of Zoom seminars but they are not the same as a live in-person seminar. 

Customer service over the last 12 months is the worst I have ever seen.  When business is hurting your customer experience has to be awesome. Not just good.  Most firms in the world believe they deliver great service. Most customers say there are NO great service providers. I sell strategy. How do you create a service culture? Management must buy into the strategy and live it every day like Northeast Delta Dental. Visit my speaking site www.JohnTschohl.com

If you want to look at dates for 2021 or 2022 contact:

Marina Lukyantseva
, VP Russia 
Whats App 1-408-637-8730

Carmen Velasco, VP Latin American
Whats App 1-619-862-7694

John Tschohl

Cell/Whats App 1-612-382-5636

Customer Service Certification Seminar Live & Zoom May 24-27, 2021

Our next Certification seminar is May 24-27, 2021 in Minneapolis. It will be live and also on Zoom for those who do not want to travel yet because of COVID-19.  Registration is $2,097 and you receive over $1,800 in facilitator and participant materials. Here is the link.

This Certification seminar will advance your career and give you the training and facilitator materials to implement Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings in-house with an 85% discount off your seminar fees for additional participant material. Help your organization create a service culture and become Relentless.

This Certification Seminar gives you 12 credits toward your Graduate of Customer Service or Master of Customer Service. 

See the brochure.

SQI Service Culture Plan

Service Quality Institute has a 3 Year Service Culture Plan for organizations serious about creating a service culture. One-shot programs deliver one-shot results. This buffet gives you 3 programs a year of your choice for 3 years in any order you want at a 50% discount. No charge for employee turnover. We have a variety of programs to choose from.

We go in with laser surgery teaching leading-edge skills few employees consistently deliver on. The key is you need something new and fresh at least every 4 months. You have one shot with employees to make an impact. View our new brochure on the obstacle to training and the SQI solutions. The material better be really good. We have Special pricing if for firms from 50-10,000 + Call or email our channel partners or SQI for prices.

Our focus is on 4 areas:

  1. Changing attitudes and behaviors
  2. Teaching fundamentals and basics
  3. Improving Employee Morale and Teamwork
  4. Increasing sales and word of mouth.


Relentless is a must-read. Very few firms in the world are relentless. They focus on customer service for a few months or years. It is like breathing. You cannot stop.

Being “Relentless” is part of culture in all elite, exceptional organizations. “Relentless” means that you can never give up: you’ve got to constantly focus on customer service. “Relentless” has to be a passion. “Relentless” has to be a lifetime commitment.

Relentless is my 8th book. It can be purchased today on our website. The hardcover book is $27.00. You can also order it now on Amazon

Shipping in the US will be free with media mail. 

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