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Make It Easy for Someone to Do Business With You

Customer service is not very hard. Frankly, I think very few firms really try these days.

Do you ever see messages like this?

"Your question has been received. Your feedback, questions and concerns are important for us. We will contact you back within 7-10 business days for the future investigation."

If that's what your customer service is saying, you will really benefit from reading my latest article on Making it Easy for Someone to do Business with You.

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New Years Special - Service First Video Library 30% Off

The Service First Video Library is the least expensive and one of the most powerful customer service programs Service Quality Institute has and so easy to use.. Today about 90% of our orders are for a flash drive vs DVD's. With the Service First Video Library English and Spanish are on the same Flash Drive or DVD. This really means you get 2 sets for one special price.

The Service First Video Library (SFVL) is an ideal customer service program for those who want something easy to implement, easy to use, no recurring costs and can be implemented in 12 sessions of one hour each, once a week or once a month. It has 12 videos of about 15 minutes each. You can easily train their staff in sessions of 1 hour each. Today because of the pandemic many companies do not have as much time or money to train their staff. Employee turnover increases the cost and risk to most companies. In many companies employee turnover can vary from 20-50%.

The leader guide, PowerPoint presentation, videos, certificate and participant discussion guide and answer sheets teach you or a staff employees how to easily facilitate the program. A good facilitator needs 3 skills:

1. Enthusiasm
2. Peer Respect
3. A Customer Service Role Model

Some clients like Banco Promerica prefer to facilitate the program in a 2 day seminar. They have trained thousands of employees using the Service First Video Library. Here is a testimonial from Oscar Orozco, Executive Director of the 14,000 employee bank in Central America. SFVL was updated 2 years ago and is very current. There are NO recurring charges for new employees because you have permission to download all participant and facilitator material off the Internet or our flash drive.

One of the major concerns of most organizations is the cost of employee turnover. Clients have permission to make copies of the participant materials ( not the videos)so there is no recurring cost

On our web site clients and you can view all elements of the program here. Segments of all 12 videos (English & Spanish) with about 180 hours of video, the PowerPoint presentation, Leader guide, Discussion Guide, Answer Sheet and Certificate can all be viewed by your client. On this link you can also download the brochure which explains the program in more detail EnglishSpanish, and Russian.

The 12 topics to Exceptional Service are:
Session 1: The Key to Customer Satisfaction
Session 2: Teamwork Development
Session 3: Handling Complaints & The Irate Customer
Session 4: The Language of Posit Communication
Session 5: Effective Questioning and Listening
Session 6: Exceeding Customer's Expectations
Session 7: Value - added Service
Session 8: Effective Telephone Techniques
Session 9: The Art of Satisfying Customers
Session 10: Service Recovery
Session 11: Empowerment
Session 12: Total Quality

You can go in any order. If you have some employees working remotely you can have them view the videos at home or you can use Zoom if live classroom training is not allowed. Because of COVID-19 many employees are stressed out. Customer service is the worst I have seen in over 40 years.

We decided to give you a special boost for 2021. Starting now through January 31 we have reduced the price from $199 a month to $139 a month for 10 months or one single payment is reduced from $1697 to $1197. This is a 30% savings. A savings of $600 on the installment plan and $500 with the single payment. You can pay with a Credit Card, check PayPal or wire transfer if one payment.

The New Years Special gets better. We are offering FREE worldwide shipping of the Service First Video Library which includes a copy of my new book Relentless and Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service. If you prefer we can send the files to you digitally instead of shipping the Flash Drive or DVD set and books.

I believe every company in the world can afford to spend $139 a month for 10 months to train their entire workforce. If you want one payment it is only $1,197.

We offer a NO Ifs, NO Ands and NO Buts money back guarantee. That means you can train your entire workforce and if for any reason you do not like the program after you have trained everyone you can return the entire program and get your money back. There is no time frame. (We have never had a return worldwide) I suspect no car dealership or computer company has ever offered a guarantee like this.

Kick off 2021 and develop a customer driven workforce for only $139 USD a month for 20 months or one payment of $1197. To place your order:

1. Contact you SQI channel partner
2. Go to our web site and shopping cart
3. Call SQI US 1-800-548-0538 or 1-952-884-3311
4. Russia and CIS Marina Lukyantseva Whats App 1-408-637-8730 or Marina@servicequalitycom
5. Latin America Carmen Velasco Whats App 1-619-862-7694 or Carmen@servicequality.com
6. My contact information is below if the other options above do not work

Relentless - John Tschohl's New Book

Relentless is a must read. Very few firms in the world are relentless. They focus on customer service for a few months or years. It is like breathing. You cannot stop.

Being “Relentless” is part of culture in all elite, exceptional organizations. “Relentless” means that you can never give up: you’ve got to constantly focus on customer service. “Relentless” has to be a passion. “Relentless” has to be a lifetime commitment.

Relentless is my 8th book. It can be purchased today on our website. The hardcover book is $27.00. You can also order it now on Amazon

If you want to order autographed copies send John Tschohl an email john@servicequality.com Shipping in the US will be free with media mail.

Online Learning

Our 12 online learning courses are a great way to learn while your firm is prevented from classroom training. A person can learn at their own pace. NO travel expenses. NO COVID-19 problems.

With our 12 online learning customer service programs, you and your employees can improve your customer service skills for only $97 per course with substantial discounts for volume. Visit here for courses to view. You can mix and match and can buy in volume and use the codes as you add new employees to achieve volume discounts. For each program, there is a free preview. Each graduate is also eligible for our Customer Service Diplomas.

 We have Coaching for Success for Managers and Leaders, Healthcare with Feelings for healthcare. Loyal for Life on Service Recovery.  So many options. You can view a preview for each program.

Customer Service Diplomas

We are the only institution in the world that is offering a diploma program online or in-person on customer service. Advance your career with credentials that have real value at a fraction of the price of the typical MBA course.

We have two diplomas Graduate of Customer Service and Master of Customer Service you can earn. Here is the link.

Customer Service Certification Seminar 
May 24-27, 2021

Our next Certification seminar is May 24-27, 2021 in Minneapolis. Registration is $2,097 and you receive over $1,800 in facilitator and participant materials. Here is the link.

This Certification seminar will advance your career and give you the training and facilitator materials to implement Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings in-house with an 85% discount off your seminar fees for additional participant material. Help your organization create a service culture and become Relentless.

This Certification Seminar gives you 12 credits toward your Graduate of Customer Service or Master of Customer Service. 

See the brochure.

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