SQI November 2020 Newsletter

Relentless Customer Service Pays Off 
November 2020 

I read many financial releases monthly on service leaders. All my research over the last 40 years shows firms who have awesome relentless customer service do much better than other firms. What was shocking to me is very few firms focused on customer service for their lifetime.

In 1979 I saw firms spending millions on advertising and then chasing the customer away with bad service. The same thing is happening today. TD Ameritrade spends $100 million a year on advertising. Charles Schwab recently purchased them and also spends millions on fake advertising.

I believe if you follow service leaders and copy their ideas and principles you can learn a lot. Read more about how Amazon and Chewy understand the power of Relentless Customer Service. 

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Online Learning

Our 12 online learning courses are a great way to learn while your firm is prevented from classroom training. A person can learn at their own pace. NO travel expenses. NO COVID-19 problems.

With our online learning customer service programs, you and your employees can improve your customer service skills for only $97 per course with substantial discounts for volume. Visit here for courses to view. You can mix and match and can buy in volume and use the codes as you add new employees to achieve volume discounts. For each program, there is a free preview.

Relentless - Now Available!

Relentless is now available to ship.

Being “Relentless” is part of culture in all elite, exceptional organizations. “Relentless” means that you can never give up: you’ve got to constantly focus on customer service. “Relentless” has to be a passion. “Relentless” has to be a lifetime commitment.

Relentless is my 8th book. It can be purchased today on our website. The hardcover book is $27.00. You can pre-order it now on Amazon

If you want to order autographed copies send John Tschohl an email john@servicequality.com Shipping in the US will be free with media mail.

Customer Service Diplomas

Service Quality Institute has the strongest brand in the world when it comes to Customer Service. We are the only institution in the world that is offering a diploma program online or in-person on customer service. Advance your career with credentials that have real value at a fraction of the price of the typical MBA course.

We have two diplomas Graduate of Customer Service and Master of Customer Service you can earn. Here is the link.

Channel Partners Wanted Who are Passionate About Customer Service

We are expanding across the world seeking new channel partners passionate about customer service. If you or friends would love to help organizations improve their customer service we would like to add you to our family of Licensees, Distributors and Consultants.

To find out more details click here.

Customer Service Certification Seminar 
May 24-27, 2021

Our next Certification seminar is May 24-27, 2021 in Minneapolis. Registration is $2,097 and you receive over $1,800 in facilitator and participant materials. Here is the link.

This Certification seminar will advance your career and give you the training and facilitator materials to implement Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings in-house with an 85% discount off your seminar fees for additional participant material. Help your organization create a service culture and become Relentless.

This Certification Seminar gives you 12 credits toward your Graduate of Customer Service or Master of Customer Service. 

See the brochure.

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