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Customer Service Role Models 17 years Later
May 2003 vs September 2020

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In my book Relentless I talk about what happens if you are not relentless. It has to be a lifetime commitment. A focus on customer service can't be an add-on. If you're going to be successful, you've got to be "Relentless", today, tomorrow and for all time.

In May 2003 I invested $1,000 in 9 firms I identified as Service Leaders at that time. I wanted to see what happens financially. In Time Magazine's cover story on Customer Service when they called me a "Customer Service Guru" I said the only thing CEO"s are driven by is hard numbers. It is also true today except many CEO's and their leadership teams have a very short focus on customer service.

Let me share the numbers as of September 1, 2020 in order of highest value...

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John Tschohl | Service Quality Institute
President | customer-service.com

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Most firms are not Relentless toward customer service. Those who are relentless have a huge advantage in the marketplace. With COVID-19 most firms have given up on customer service. It is worse today than in 1979 when I developed Feelings.

Relentless is my 8th book. It can be purchased today on our website. The hardcover book will be available in October for $27.00 You can order it now on Amazon

If you want to order autographed copies send John Tschohl an email John@servicequality.com Shipping in the US will be free with media mail.

11 Online Customer Service Learning Programs

We have 11 programs available for online learning. A great way to learn while your firm is prevented from classroom training. A person can learn at their own pace. NO travel expenses. NO COVID-19 problems.

With our online learning customer service programs, you and your employees can improve your customer service skills for only $97 per course with substantial discounts for volume. Visit here for courses to view. You can mix and match and can buy in volume and use the codes as you add new employees to achieve volume discounts. For each program, there is a free preview.

Customer Service Diplomas

Service Quality Institute has the strongest brand in the world when it comes to Customer Service. We have two diplomas you can earn. Here is the link.
We are the only institution in the world that is offering a diploma program online or in-person on customer service. Advance your career with credentials that have real value at a fraction of the price of the typical MBA course.

Graduate of Customer Service: Online the courses are $97 each. Seven SQI courses and 28 credits are required to achieve this Diploma.

Master of Customer Service: Online the courses are $97 each. Nine SQI courses and 48 credits are required to achieve this Diploma

Customer Service Certification Seminar
May 24-27, 2021

Our next Certification seminar is May 24-27, 2021 in Minneapolis. Let's hope COVID-19 has disappeared by then. Registration is $2,097 and you receive over $1,800 in facilitator and participant materials. Here is the link.

This Certification seminar will advance your career and give you the training and facilitator materials to implement Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings in-house with an 85% discount off your seminar fees for additional participant material. Help your organization create a service culture and become Relentless.

This Certification gives you 12 credits toward your Graduate of Customer Service or Master of Customer Service. 

See the brochure.

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