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Northeast Delta Dental -  Being Relentless Creates 70 Percent Market Share

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The biggest problem of many CEO's is that they are not relentless when it comes to customer service. The exception to the rule is Tom Raffio, President of Northeast Delta Dental since 1990.

I have been following Tom since 1990 and since I have known him one thing stands out to me and that is that he is relentless. The results of his relentless pursuit of customer service speak volumes and they are AWESOME!

Readers have asked me for examples of smaller firms that are service leaders and the perfect example is Northeast Delta Dental with 182 full-time employees.

In 2019, Northeast Delta Dental spent $203,645 on employee training; or 1.4% of payroll. This represents an investment of $1,140 in training for each full-time employee. Amazing!

This relentless dedication to customer service excellence has been paying back dividends - all of which we discuss in the latest blog post.

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Amazon Grew $47.63 Billion in 2019… Bezos is Relentless

I believe Amazon is the most customer driven company in the world. They do everything right. They have speed. Frankly, they redefined Speed. Their performance, price, and execution are flawless. Customer Service is consistently a "10."

Jeff Bezos the CEO is relentless. Everyone is empowered. I have never had anyone at Amazon say NO. If they make a mistake they have a better grasp of Service Recovery than 99.9% of all firms in the world. They use technology to improve the customer experience. Most firms use technology to push the customer away and irritate the customer like with IVR automated system. (Push 1 for English and 7 to go to hell).

Amazon's headcount is now 798,000. Sales for 2019 grew to $280.52 billion a $47.63 billion increase (20.5%) in revenue from $232.89 billion in 2018. Its AWS (Amazon Web Services) revenue hit $35.03 billion, up from $25.66 billion a year earlier. AWS earned $9.20 billion in operating income or nearly two-thirds of the $14.54 billion in consolidated operating income. Amazon's net income was $11.59 billion.

On January 30 Jeff Bezos increased his net worth $7.9 billion. His net worth is now $123.9 billion (It went down about $35 billion after his divorce).

Amazon has more than 150 million Prime members, I am one of them. In April 2018 it reported 100 million prime members. The faster fulfillment option was the NO. 1 driver for Amazon Prime. It's shipping costs rose to $12,88 billion a 43% increase from a year earlier.

Amazon won customers over because of the ease of checkout and the speed of delivery. One-click checkoff, where logged-in customers use pre-filled payment info and delivery address to purchase a product without going through a shopping cart page.

NOTE: You can also buy the 13th edition of my book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service at Amazon or directly from our store.

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