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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating your Success  Moving Up

Hi [firstname|there],

As we enter 2020 I wanted to share some ideas on how you can personally become a Rockstar and develop a team of Rock stars. Great employees are valuable. I am taking the focus of this newsletter from my book Moving Up and wanted to share with you. As a New Year’s Gift, I am giving you a free download through January 31 of this year.

In today's market place your business has to be distinctive, innovative, original, and command results.  I want you and your employees to believe in yourself., take your goals seriously, and work toward making your dreams in both career and life a reality. There are always opportunities to improve your skills set and move up.

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Your call is important to us – (but not really)

In the January 5 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune Yi Zhu, an associate marketing professor at the Carlson School of Management had an article on why companies do not value customer complaints and customers.

??He said, "U.S. consumers spend an average of 13 hours a year waiting on customer-service calls. If you want to see awesome customer service call the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. The number one rated hospital in the U.S. 1-507-284-2511 This is what every organization in the world should do.

All SQI Programs Online

Starting in January all of our programs will be available online. Remember Me will be the first program. You will be able to buy for yourself or company any of our programs starting about January 15.

Certification Seminars in 2020

We have our annual May 18-21 Customer Service Certification Seminar in Minneapolis. https://customer-service.com/shop/certification-seminars/ If you want to improve your credentials and advance your career join us in Minnesota. If you need an invitation letter let us know.

Seeking New Channel Partners Around the World

If you know anyone who would like to represent SQI around the world, please contact our team at https://customer-service.com/about-sqi/become-a-partner/ We are looking for firms and individual passionate about customer service. An investment for inventory and training in required

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