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December Service Recovery

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May you enter 2020 with the best year of your life. Be healthy and more successful.

There any many doors a customer enters, and many people the customer interfaces with, when one person screws up it impacts the entire customer experience.
It first starts with Strategy. This is where most companies miss the mark. Many think they are in healthcare, retail, banking, insurance, government, etc. Very few realize they are in customer service. Amazon, Apple. Southwest Airlines, Mayo Clinic, Chewy.com, Northeast Delta Dental, Metro Bank in London, Home Depot, Costco understand the service strategy. Everything is built around a positive customer experience. I am not talking about lip service.

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Christmas and New Year’s Gifts - Books that can Change your Life

We have fantastic books that can change lives, help a person increase their wealth, get promoted. Make more money and learn to be a service leader. As we look for Corporate or personal gifts, the most valuable gift is a book written on customer service by John Tschohl. You might have a young adult in your family you want to help grow. It could be a spouse or your top customers. All books ordered by December 13 will be personally inscribed and autographed. You can mix and match to achieve better volume pricing. Individual books in the US will be mailed media mail for $2 each:
Moving Up
A perfect gift if you want someone to becmore indispensable and extraordinary. An easy read

Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
The 13th edition with a 2019 copyright.  The bible of customer service.

Empowerment: A Way of Life The only book on empowerment.
If every customer becomes over-happy, you will have unlimited growth. Easy to read.

Cashing In: How to Make More Money, Get a Promotion and Love Your Job.
Give to everyone in your family and circle of friends, if you want to help them achieve more success.

Loyal for Life
An easy to read book that teaches you how to master service recovery.

The Customer is Boss.
Learn how to demand great service and stop putting up with poor customer service.

Here is the link on our web site https://customer-service.com/shop/books/
1-10 $19.95 each
11-25 $16.75 each
50 -99 $15.00 each
100 + $14.00 each

Facilitation of SQI Programs are Easy to Facilitate

We have channel partners all over the world that can skillfully implement our programs for you.  If your organization has over 100 people, you may prefer our channel partners to teach a team of your leaders on each location to facilitate our programs. All of our programs are easy to facilitate. A great facilitator needs three skills:

  1. Enthusiasm

  2. Peer respect

  3. A customer service role model

Click here to learn more

New Channel Partners Arround the World

Vietnam Licensee -Tien Thanh Nguyen, NIK, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  Cell 84-0975-51-5358, nguyenthanhtien01@gmail.com

Bulgaria Licensee - Vladimir Afenliev, Service Quality Institute Bulgaria, Cell 359-888-466-493, vafenliev@mail.bg

Trinidad & St. Martin Consultant - Gillia Liverpool Roberts, GLR Consulting  Cell 868- 678-86-47 gillia.liverpoolroberts@gmail.com

If you are interested in representing SQI and becoming a partner please contact Carmen Velasco, Marina Lukyantseva or John Tschohl  https://customer-service.com/about-sqi/become-a-partner/

May 18-21, 2020 Certification Seminar in Minneapolis

If you want to build your credentials, join us in Minneapolis for a four-day Certification Seminar.  Learn how to lead a customer-driven team and master customer service. The investment is $2,097.

The largest Mall in the US is 5 minutes from our office. You can shop until you drop — no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota. Almost everything in Minnesota is less expensive than where you live.

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

I speak all over the world on customer service. If you want to view live testimonials, please visit
I was in Panama with an open seminar on December 3 https://customer-service.com/product/panama/   December 6 in El Salvador for a colossal seminar for Fedecredito for their entire leadership team of credit unions

December 18 in Almaty Kazakhstan for a public seminar. https://shoul.kz/

If you would like to schedule a keynote or one or two-day seminar, please contact:

Marina Lukyantseva Vice President Russia & CIS  Mobile/Whats App 1-408-637-8730 Marina@servicequality.com
Carmen Velasco Vice President Latin America  Mobile/Whats App  1-619-862-7694  Carmen@servicequality.com
John Tschohl, President Mobile/Whats App 1-612-382-5636  John@servicequality.com

Media Releases

If you would like your company to be included on our Media Releases each month, please contact our offices and we will send you a release that you can use in your blog and your company newsletter.

Media releases are sent out at least once a month and all of them pertain to Customer Service by John Tschohl.  He is internationally recognized and the global leader in customer service. He has devoted his professional life to helping companies revolutionize their business.  John provides the blueprint for quality service that increases profit by developing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Simply send a request to: Barb@servicequality.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

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P.S. The holidays are coming so make sure you take a look at giving your employees a book for a gift. If you want it autographed before we send your order, let us know, I will be happy to do that for you.

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