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November Service Recovery

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Every organization makes mistakes. Things go wrong every day regardless of how good or committed you are. Service Recovery is how you salvage a problem when you are at fault or when you are perceived to be at fault and make the customer fall in love with you.

To just say I am sorry is good customer service but it is not service recovery. There is huge competition you have to contend with and poor service recovery leads to negative reviews on social media.

Service recovery is focusing on creating an experience so remarkable the customer falls more in love with you and tells hundreds of their friends. There are 4 critical steps...

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Three Year Service Culture Plan

If you really want results we suggest you consider our 3-year service culture plan. It’s a buffet. We introduce 3 new programs every 4 months for 3 years and no charge for employee turnover. Client’s save about 50% with our buffet discounted pricing.
Many companies believe there is a magic program that you can dip your employees in and a 25 or 50-year-old will immediately change and be perfect for the rest of their life. Will never happen.
When we go to college it is usually a 4-year degree with many courses and hundreds of hours of study and classroom instruction. We reduce this to 3 short courses every 4 months and all the training is done on-site. We eliminate 95% of travel, 95% of the need to hire professional facilitators and 80% of the training time. The classroom learning is 80% group participation. Our focus is on changing attitudes and behaviors.
To learn more click here https://www.customer-service.com/3-year-service-culture-plan/

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

I have a variety of open seminars across the world you can attend;

November 7 MAS Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
November 9 MAS Hanoi, Vietnam

November 15 Almaty Kazakhstan
December 3 Panama 
December 18 Almaty Kazakhstan Anton Sylenko and Moxie International 
March 14 Business Champion Tashkent, Uzbekistan


If you would like to use me for an in-house seminar for your leadership team or employees please contact my Leadership Team:

Visit www.JohnTschohl.com

Marina Lukyantseva. Russia and CS
Mobile 1-408-637-8730 Marina@servicequality.com

Carmen Velasco, Latin America
Mobile 1-619-862-7694 Carmen@servicequality.com

John Tschohl, US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East

Mobile 1-612-382-5636 John@servicequality.com

Certification Seminars

November 12-15 Monterrey Mexico
November 19-22 Mexico City. Mexico
November 26-29 Guadalajara Mexico
Contact Carmen Velasco to sign up: Carmen@servicequality.com

May 18-21, 2020 Minneapolis Minnesota USA

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Media Releases

If you would like your company to be included on our Media Releases each month, please contact our offices and we will send you a release that you can use in your blog and your company newsletter.

Media releases are sent out at least once a month and all of them pertain to Customer Service by John Tschohl.  He is internationally recognized and the global leader in customer service. He has devoted his professional life to helping companies revolutionize their business.  John provides the blueprint for quality service that increases profit by developing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Simply send a request to: Barb@servicequality.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

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P.S. The holidays are coming so make sure you take a look at giving your employees a book for a gift. If you want it autographed before we send your order, let us know, I will be happy to do that for you.

John Tschohl
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