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The Power of Great Service

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In 2017, Ping An, China's second largest insurers and the biggest non-state-owned company by revenue, rolled out a "Superfast Onsite Investigation" system -- enabling policy holders to submit claims by simply operating a smartphone app and answering a few questions.

Fender Benders, even minor ones, used to mean interminable hassle for Chinese drivers. One could wait hours by the roadside for an insurance inspector -- then lose hours more filling out forms. Reimbursement took days, and often weeks. Generally speaking, just about the only time customers are going to contact you is when they need help, so speed counts in getting them where they’d like to be.

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Free Video Training - Handling Irate Customers

In appreciation of your subscription to our newsletter, we would like to share with you this FREE OnlineTraining Video. It is a condensed version of our Classroom Video Training Program.  Feel Free to share this page with whomever you would like.

The Classroom Program, Handling Irate Customers is a 2 session program of 2-3 hours each and 3-4 in developing markets on How to Handle Irate and Difficult Customers. It has a user friendly leader guide and participant kit with a 126 page perfect bound 2-color book. It can either be facilitated by SQI channel partners or your staff.  It is an exciting program that can reduce employee stress and employee turnover. More importantly, it can help you keep customers.

I personally find that almost all employees cannot handle a demanding customer that raises his voice. To most employees this ruins their day.

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Please Continue To Fume

In an article by Sharon Terlep on the problems with customer service in the Wall St. Journal on August 3, 2019. https://www.wsj.com/articles/everyone-hates-customer-service-this-is-why-11564804882

She listed the Top five best and worst industries for customer satisfaction according to the American Customer Satisfaction index:

Top Five:

1. Breweries
2. Televisions and video players
3. Personal care and cleaning products
4. Automobiles and light vehicles
5. Soft drinks

Bottom Five:

42. Internet social media
43. Fixed-line telephone services
44. Video-on-demand services
45. Internet service providers
46. Subscription television services

Driving a Service Culture 

If you want to create a service culture there are several critical steps necessary. One shot or flavor of the month programs do not work. Customers today want and demand awesome service. Service leaders always outperform others in their industry if your focus is rapid growth and market dominance. Small firms become large fast.  If you are not moving fast a firm like Uber who owns no cars could disrupt you or Airbnb the largest hotel firm in the world without owning any hotels.

1. Drive a Service Culture as a strategy. Very few CEO's are passionate about customer service and few understand the financial impact. The CEO and company has to be "relentless."

2. Be aggressive at eliminating stupid rules, procedures and policies. Employees worship policies and will almost always sacrifice a customer to enforce rules and policies.

3. Dramatically increase speed with everything you do. Speed means reducing the time by 90% or more. Ping An understood this.

4. Train all employees on customer service with something new and fresh every 4 months.  We have to change attitudes and behaviors. Every employee in your organization already believes they deliver great service. Every employee knows this is important. The problem is they just don't do it. View this link https://www.customer-service.com/3-year-service-culture-plan/

5. Drive empowerment. This means every employee must make fast decisions on the spot in favor of the customer.  Trying to get an employee to spend $25 to keep a customer often takes 2 miracles at one time. This is the most difficult skill to get employees to use.

6. Master Service Recovery. All of us make mistakes each day. How we recover in 60 seconds or less is a skill that must happen at the front line. Keeping customers is much less expensive than getting new customers.


 Remember, customers will reciprocate your helpful actions.  When you resolve situations quickly and effectively, and then respond to their need, most customers will pay you back with continued or increased loyalty, goodwill and repurchasing. That’s outperforming!  That’s driving a service culture!!


John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

I have a variety of open seminars across the world you can attend;

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If you know anyone that would like to be a Partner with SQI please have them contact my Leadership Team, Brook, Marina, Carmen or myself. We are looking for companies that want to expand their business and represent the global leader in customer service. An investment for product and inventory is required.


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