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The 6 Elements of Superior Service

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I created the first customer service program called “Feelings” and released it in January of 1980. We have updated the program numerous times and sometimes it's hard to keep count.... today we have 5 versions of Feelings.

All versions and updates focus on 6 core elements. The one thing I have found amazing is that these principles were critical in 1980 and are even more critical in 2019 to any organization's success. Just think of your favorite sports team and how they will win or lose each game based on execution of the fundamentals and basics.

Discover the 6 Elements of Superior Service

Free Shipping Worldwide on Introductory Start Up Specials and Service First Video Library

On almost all core programs we have an introductory start up special. It is set up to provide enough material to train 25 people. SQI provides free worldwide shipping for this package. This also includes free shipping for the Service First Video Library. We also offer a money back guarantee for all products with no time frame.

This is an example for Feelings for Professionals

Handling Irate Customers and Difficult Situations

I find that almost all employees have a difficult time with customers that raise their voice. If they have any power you can be assured the employee will put the screws to you for just raising your voice. Very few employees know how to handle an irate or upset customer. It ruins their day and often they get into a power position with the customer. Airlines, police, airport security immigration all have their ego involved and they will always attempt to win at your expense. This should never happen.

SQI has a program called Handling Irate Customers with very aggressive vignettes to teach people how to handle difficult situations.

Check it out here!

On this web site you can watch part of the video, leader guide, participant materials. Most employees tend to be more interested in their ego and pride than keeping a customer. When an organization screws up and the customer becomes upset very few employees know how to skillfully handle this situation.

Mothers Day Special Moving Up

If you want a great gift for your Mother on Mothers Day or any day, I encourage you to order an autographed copy of Moving Up. 

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Moving Up gets people to believe in themselves not only at work but in life. It focuses on learning how to set goals and use affirmations and visualizations. This is also an ideal gift to give to your children to get them to believe in themselves, to become indispensable and extraordinary. When this happens people gain self-worth, they handle life situations differently and they move up and make more money.

The hard cover copy of Moving Up is $19.95. We can ship for $2 in the U.S. using media mail. Also you can order from Amazon. The electronic copy of the book is only $9.95

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