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New Improved Website for Service Quality Institute!

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I have great news. We have a new improved website! Take a look It is easier to shop. In addition we have FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on the Service First Video Library and each Introductory Start Up Special. Each of these specials give you enough material to train 25 employees to get a taste for the content and ease of implementation of all of our programs. This is a sample for Feelings Retail Service but all programs have a special with free shipping.

All of our programs have a money back guarantee. Train your employees and if for any reason you do not like the program return the materials for a complete refund. No time limit.

On our new web site at the very top you can change the language from English to Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian and Vietnamese.

We have two new service culture videos on our website. One is also in Spanish. Eventually this will be in Russian, Greek and Bulgarian. There is an in-depth overview and an brief one . Share with others in your company to better understand the service culture.

Feel free to use this link to better understand how to facilitate our programs. Feel free to share with others in your organization interested in saving thousands of dollars on implementation expenses.

Our technology is designed to be implemented on site so almost all travel expenses are eliminated. In addition we select role models from every location to facilitate the program so professional facilitators are not needed,. Last we reduce the training time by 80% with very disciplined facilitator material using great video and participant material so the training time is kept to a minimum. The end result is lower employee turnover, less customer complaints, increased sales and more loyal customers.

I believe everyone in the world understands the importance of superior customer service. I also think most employees and organizations worldwide think they are awesome. Frankly, customer service is inconsistent and often does not exist. Our primary focus with all of our learning programs is to CHANGE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS. If we fail at this our programs will not make an impact. We also teach the skills and art of customer service. It is a little like working out. If we go to the club once a year for an hour it will not make much of an impact. Ideally we need something every week not once a year. To create a service culture you need something fresh and new at least every 4 months.

Amazon Record Breaking Holiday Season and Year

In a few weeks Amazon will announce its 2018 sales. I expect to see a sales increase of about $60 billion. In 2017 they had a $41.9 billion dollar increase of 31% I expect sales to exceed $200 billion in 2019. If there is one company in the world you should try and learn from it is Amazon. They have a better grasp of speed than any company in the world. Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO is driven to taking great care of the customer. They have a better grasp of customer service than virtually any company in the world and their execution is flawless.

Everything is built around the customer experience. All employees are empowered. I have NEVER been told NO by an employee. In most organizations it is the first word employees are taught. They use your name. They understand and implement service recovery when they make mistakes. There are NO stupid rules and procedures. Great prices. Amazon is frugal always looking for ways to cut costs and pass the savings unto the customer. One of my most favorite quotes from Jeff Bezos is, "If you want more of something reduce the friction. If you want less of something increase the friction."

When their annual report comes out I encourage everyone to carefully read it. Look under Investor Relations. Each year customers defect to Amazon and put hundreds of firms out of business. Sears will probably not make it in 2019. Herberger's disappeared in 2018. All excel at super bad customer service. I suspect their top management has no idea how bad they were or are. The customers can tell and that is why so many firms are helping Amazon grow so fast.

Online Learning

If you are interested in online learning take a look at the options we have hereFor more details please contact Brook Brown at Brook@servicequality.com or 952-232-9932

Service Strategy Seminars across the World

Certification Seminars in Minneapolis May 6-9, 2019

Take a moment to view our current schedule of both employee and management seminars. Reservations are limited, so be sure to schedule your management or employee team in advance.

Click here for more information

John is traveling the world doing Service Strategy seminars. We have our first public seminar in Armenia April 27 by Skill AM. Another public seminar is in Izhevsk Russia on April 13 sponsored by Masshtabnye Rebyata. In October I did a seminar in Kirov Russia for them.

Contact Nelly Marabyan to learn more

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