For Empowering Your Employees

I believe in the Power of Empowerment

When CEOs and executives develop a truly empowered workforce, employees believe in themselves.  That is how companies get a leg up on and crush their competition. 

How Employee Disengagement Costs Your Company

Service Recovery

A current Gallup poll reveals that 7 out of 10 employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.”  This is costing you a bundle! When employees are not engaged, they create a rotten service culture where your customers leave unhappy possibly never to return. Create a quality service team and start with your managers. Learn how.

Employee Empowerment Interview with John Tschohl on Good Morning Vail

John Tschohl on Good Morning VailJohn Tschohl, President of Service Quality Institute, talks about his new book "Moving Up" on Good Morning Vail. John travels to Vail every year and is often interviewed for this show. Watch the interview and learn more about how you can start moving up!

The High Cost of Losing a Customer

Use Service Recovery and differentiate your company. Every employee needs to master the 4 skills of Service Recovery to keep loyal over happy customers. John Tschohl discusses these 4 skills that are needed and gives examples of why some businesses have failed while others succeed

A Sharpe Outlook: Best Practices For Success

John TschohlThere's no shortage of great ideas, but rather a shortage of people who believe in themselves. John was interviewed on the radio talk show Asharpe outlook... with Angela Sharpe.  He talks about how you can move up in your career.


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The Foundation of Customer Service
Every one of these tenets is an essential part of high quality customer service. Can your company afford to lose business by missing even one of these basic traits? what's your return on service?


Bad customer service loses money.
Find out how much money your company has lost due to its poor customer service practices with our "Return On Service" calculator.  what's your return on service?