Why it’s Almost Impossible to Implement a Service Culture Plan

I have been talking and writing about customer service longer than anyone else in the world, letting both large and small companies know that it’s fiercely competitive out there and the only way to compete and win is with superior customer service. It will help you retain customers, build market share and improve worker performance. I, for one, am relentless in this.  I work on it daily

Success is Staring You Right in the Face

Success is Staring You Right in the Face

If you invested $1,000 in Amazon in 1997, How Much Would You Have Now?

In a September 2018 Money magazine article, authors Megan Leonhardt and Shawn M. Carter did a nice job of showing the value of investing $1000. Very few executives want to copy Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO of Amazon. Sales in 2018 increased $41.9 billion a 31% increase in sales. I suspect this year they will increase sales by over $60 billion. This year Bezos increased his net worth to over $160 billion.

Why is Empowerment So Difficult to Use?

No firm can be a service leader without empowerment. Empowerment means you have to bend rules and policies in favor of the customer. In my book, Empowerment: A Way of Life I said everyone's single, most important task every day is to have over happy customers.  If you have over happy customers your competition is screwed... sales increase and customer loyalty soars. 

The Beauty of Bellyachers

The verb form of bellyache is what I am referring to.  It is to complain or bellyache about simple matters that are not taken care of for the customer.  It’s simply asking for a solution to a mishap or bad service.

I know, as a business person you can see them coming from a mile away.  It’s the determined look they have to get a problem brought to your attention.  To them it is a problem that is eating away at them and they will not be happy until you have gone above and beyond to take care of what is probably a simple problem that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


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The Foundation of Customer Service
Every one of these tenets is an essential part of high quality customer service. Can your company afford to lose business by missing even one of these basic traits? what's your return on service?


Bad customer service loses money.
Find out how much money your company has lost due to its poor customer service practices with our "Return On Service" calculator.  what's your return on service?